The Loyalty of the future? Omnichannel Loyalty

In Customer Engagement, Marketing and Sales by Simon Crompton-Reid












Omnichannel loyalty, or simply OCL, has been getting quite a lot of attention lately within the marketing world. OCL is described as a customer focused approach to implementing your loyalty strategy across all channels and platforms to reach your customers in a more efficient and united manner to maximise customer experience and engagement. Omnichannel strives for the seamless integration of all channels available to the consumer, i.e. mobile internet devices, computers, bricks-and-mortar, television, catalog, etc, so the customer isn't just engaging on a particular channel but they are engaged on all channels with the brand. It has been proved that omnichannel shoppers spend more than multi-channel shoppers and exhibit stronger brand loyalty.

So how do we implement a seamless omnichannel loyalty strategy? Do you think this is just another "marketing trend" or something we will have to adopt for the long term?


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