eBook: 7 social media mistakes made by big brands– and how you can avoid them

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So many brands are working in the social space, however how many of them are actually doing it right? How many brands do you actually follow and engage with on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook, and what leads you to engage with them directly? Often I find myself only engaging with a brand online when I have a complaint as I know my voice will be better heard when there's an online reputation at stake.  But how do you deal with this?  Engage real-time and face the problem head on?  Or put your head in the sand and hope no one saw the tweet?

I’ve compiled an eBook with some social findings of my own and given some pointers on how you can avoid making the same mistakes. After working in B2B social and dealing with the good, the bad and the ugly, I thought it would be useful to compile it all together and cover several key points with a few examples along the way. Hope you enjoy it and contact me if you want any further information

Download the eBook here: 7 social media mistakes made by big brands- and how you can avoid them

Samantha Graves
Marketing and Digital Content Manager

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