Instagram’s new Photo-Feed: “This is Now”

In Customer Experience, Social media by justine

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Just when you thought social media couldn't get anymore, well, social.. it does.  If Twitter is the ultimate platform in up to the second news, then Instagram's new "This is now" is a visual snapshot of it.  The new Instagram photo-feed filters content by city and gives you a snapshot of life happening in that city at that very second.  Using geo-location tags, the "This is Now" feed tells you a visual story of city life right now.


As it's just starting out, it's only available in 5 cities : Sao Paulo, New York, London, Sydney and Tokyo.

What do you think?  Another reason to procrastinate with your work and stare at photos all day, or a new way of social going digital?

Take a look at "This is now" here


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