Jaunique Sealey Interview: The impact of social media

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Download the interview about the impact of social media with Jaunique Sealey, Lady Gaga's digital media strategist Jaunique Sealey has rapidly emerged as one of the most sought-after thought leaders in the space of social media marketing, brand development and digital media distribution. Recently she spearheaded the team in charge of online promotions in connection with Lady Gaga’s ‘Born This Way’ album release.

We spent a few minutes chatting with her, learning more about the impact of social media on her career, her work with Atom Digital Agency, and some key takeaways for loyalty marketing executives.

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We asked Jaunique several questions on the strategy behind the Lady Gaga campaign, including:

  • How did the team map out which elements of the album would target a particular market?
  • How did the team manage all these ‘robust lists or indexes of blogs’ in interpreting what’s being said or could potentially be said about the album?
  • How did the team go about targeting previous purchasers of Lady Gaga’s music?
  • How did your team get into the mindset of constantly churning out out-of-the-box ideas in the quest to make the release even bigger?
  • How can senior-level loyalty marketing, CRM, and customer experience executives determine the best approach for them to connect with their customers and generate excitement for their brand?

Download the interview now to hear what Jaunique has to say on this and more!

Jaunique will be speaking at Loyalty World USA, taking place in Las Vegas this October. She will be presenting a keynote address on the topic, ‘Creating a brand worth going ‘Gaga’ over across all digital and social media touchpoints.’

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