Monthly Roundup: Top 5 most read articles in July

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Welcome to the first edition of the Monthly Roundup, where we highlight the top 5 articles read this past month on our Customer Love blog. Now I know we are well into August, but I found these blog posts to be the cream of the crop and well worth a second glance.  So here they are below, ranging from customer loyalty infographics and social media mistakes to integrating data and creating chart selections.  Let us know which one was your favourite, or that you found most useful.


1. eBook: 7 social media mistakes made by big brands- and how you can avoid them – A clear winner, this ebook explains exactly what it says it does- the social media mistakes of big brands, and how you can avoid making them.  With some examples and commentary thrown in, this is a must read of the month.

2. Download: How to integrate data, maximise efficiency, and deliver results – A great presentation from John Devaney, the Executive Manager of Marketing and Alliances at Royal Automobile Club of Queensland

3. The Top 5 Best Loyalty Programs – Part 1 of 2 in a series that highlights the success and failures of existing loyalty programs. This one highlights the successes.

4. Big Data Guest Post: Chart Selection, Art and Science  –  This guest post from Juice Analytics founder and CEO Zach Gemignani examines the best way to present data.

5. Top 3 Customer Loyalty Infographics – Whilst most infographics skim along the fluffy information the top three I've posted below remind us of the fundamentals of loyalty  marketing.  Engage your audience, customer service and quality is the key and make an emotional connection with your customers.


Were there any others that you found particularly interesting that didn't make the list? Comment below and let us know!

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