New Tools in CRM

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B2C brands can utilize these online tools to increase customer satisfaction in an environment where face-to-face service is not an option and to acquire instant market research which can be used to further tailor communication strategies in the future.

Pre-chat surveys

Social CRM is the new "hot topic" in Customer Relations Management as fellow blogger michelleg attests, and now such media feedback tools can mine customer insights to be used in real-time by call center specialists. Customer and prospective customers' responses to pre-chat surveys provide call center support personnel with real-time information from the overall knowledge base that can be used to better meet customer expectations. Additionally, these crowd-sourced insights can be provided to the customers themselves upon completion in order for them to have a more informed interaction with the call center or, if the data is sufficient, to purchase effectively without needing to engage the call center at all.

Live chat software 710597_money_under_the_mouse_1 (1)

Many organizations have invested in lie chat software to supplement their CRM, though they often lack necessary training or tools to take full advantage of its capabilities. In fact, Gartner Group tells us that almost 42 percent of organizations who acquire CRM related software licenses never even implement them. According to Forrester Research, having a live agent answer questions during the purchasing process is of high importance to 44 percent of online consumers, thus failure to properly leverage live chat software could account for the 88 percent of all online shopping carts at the payment stage.

Second-screen viewing

Nielsen tells us that 88 percent of American tablet owners and 86 percent of those with smartphones have used such devices at least one time while watching television in the past month. "Second-screen viewing", or multitasking between two screens, allows an audience to engage with data on one electronic device (which, besides tv-watching, could include viewing a slide presentation at a conference) while simultaneously consuming or interacting with content on another screen (texting, tweeting, Facebooking, etc.). Major brands are recognizing the importance of this phenomenon and incorporating second-screen tactics into their audience engagement strategies in turn, allowing them to extend messaging in a way that enhances customer relationships. As example is "America's Choice 2012", a partnership between Facebook and CNN that will encourage users to share their views on the election through an app that will forward the collected data to be broadcasted on CNN. Companies considering a similar strategy should remember to maintain a clear content link between the interacting platforms and to incentivize their audience to engage in multichannel interactions (for example, providing discounts, free downloads or access to exclusive content).

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