Bill Hornbuckle, CMO of MGM Resorts, on loyalty programs and your customer

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Keeping loyalty programs relevant to your customers The modern day consumer is spoilt for choice. With so many different options available when booking hotels, purchasing flight tickets, or even making restaurant reservations, it really can be hard to keep a fickle consumer coming back time and time again. And we all know that the real secret to success is keeping your customers, not spreading yourself thin trying desperately to attract new business. Retention is the name of the game, people!

What's one way that the smart marketer achieves this? Loyalty programs.

Well, loyalty programs are a great way of making your customer feel rewarded for their business. Put simply, they feel appreciated. And everyone likes a few perks along the way.

Need an example of how a leading B2C company approached their loyalty program? Let's check out what Bill Hornbuckle, CMO of MGM Resorts International,
has to say.

Download the transcript of his presentation, and presentation slides here

Some of the key topics covered in her sensational presentation included, where he discusses the loyalty renaissance, in particular:

  • Loyalty: what is it, and why are customers not as loyal as they used to be?
  • Addressing the current stagnation in loyalty programs and marketing
  • Participating in the creative rebirth of loyalty business strategy for MGM Resorts
  • Leading loyalty into the new age of ingenuity and growth

Download the presentation

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