How do you use social media to drive mobile loyalty?

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After asking the question on LinkedIn, I got a really interesting response from Shaun Caldwell,  Founder and Owner, Global Marketing Mavens, the mobile marketing consultant had an interesting take on mobile loyalty, a field which only a handful of companies are starting to utilise.

"I use social media with mobile to drive loyalty and here is how.

In today's crowded marketplace, companies are struggling to differentiate themselves from competitors. The playing field is level when it comes to products, services and pricing plans, making customer service a key driver for organizations looking to distinguish themselves.

Smart devices have changed how consumers communicate with one another, not to mention, with the companies they patronize. Businesses that recognize this change and create customer service strategies and tools that leverage these connected devices will have a real opportunity to impact their bottom lines, and retain and grow their customer bases. Here's why.

Loyalty: By connecting with customers on-the-go, companies and organizations create customer loyalty, which translates to retention. As customers choose to stay with the company, they'll expand the services they use, products they buy and the amount of money they spend.

Personalization: The consumer is looking for a personalized experience, and the mobile channel provides the best opportunity to do so. Companies can offer customer services relevant to the individual in question — be it the applications and products they subscribe to, their location information, etc.

Consistency: When a company or organization keeps information up to date and consistent with a smart mobile app, its customers receive the same answers, regardless of channel. This enables a deeper understanding of customer relationships, and delivers tailored and personalized experiences.

Cost: Calls or emails previously handled by contact officers can be addressed directly by fellow consumers. Provide direct access to information, troubleshooting tools and diagnostics. This foresight drives down costs.

Bottom line? Businesses and organizations want to strengthen and improve customer relationships, and customers want the most value for the least amount of money. However, customers will remain loyal to companies that can enhance the user experience and foresee their needs.

While the storefront will still remain an important part of the customer service experience, smart devices can provide richer features and more in-depth assistance — all on-the-go. Businesses and organizations will become a secondary mode of communication, no longer preferred by the masses. "

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