How relationships revitalize a brand – an interview with Cheryl Bachelder of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

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An interview with Cheryl Bachelder of Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen on how relationships revitalize a brand Cheryl Bachelder, Chief Executive Officer at Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen and former KFC and Dominos Pizza executive, knows all about branding and is running a successful business in the fast food sector. She will be sharing these insights with attendees at Loyalty World USA.

We spent a few minutes chatting with her, learning more about revitalizing your brand and building strong relationships with your customers.

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We asked Cheryl several questions on the strategy behind revitalizing the Popeyes brand, including:

  • What have been some of the major actions during your tenure in revitalizing the Popeyes brand?
  • How have platforms like social media and mobile engagement played a role in strengthening customer relationships?
  • How is the Popeyes loyalty program playing a role in customer engagement?
  • What opportunities has Popeyes unlocked as a result of taking a more active role in engaging with its customers?

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Cheryl will be speaking at Loyalty World USA, taking place in Las Vegas this October. She will be presenting a keynote address on the topic, ‘Relationships revitalize a brand – cooking up the recipe for success with your customers’.

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To hear her share her insights, make sure you attend Loyalty World USA!

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