Everything you need to know about Big Data

In Data & Analytics by Simon Crompton-Reid

Firstly, here's a definition of big data from Wikipedia

everything big data

Now here's a post from our own Oliver Arscott on the Top 5 companies using big data 


Here's a Big Infograph:

What is Big Data?

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Now here's Jeff Jonas, of IBM, talking about trends in data analysis.


everything about big data 

Here's a guest post from Erica Driver, Senior Director of Global Product Marketing at QlikTech talking about the last mile challenge in big data.


Here's a downloadable presentation from Arup Mukhopadhyay, Head of Consumer Banking, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank on predictive analytics.


Finally here's how to use big data in a retail environment –  a presentation from Ramesh Cidambi, Senior Vice President -IT & Logistics at Dubai Airport presentation: Data is everywhere The cloud and the analytic imperative – Ramesh Cidambi


And finally, really, you should consider joining your colleagues at Big Data World Europe next week!