3 gadgets your customers will want to use that will also help your sales…

In Customer Engagement by Simon Crompton-Reid

Here's 3 great gadgets, do you know any more?

Fridge Magnet number one

3 gadgets loyalty sales fridge magnet evian

From Evian – one-click ordering of Danone group products (Evian, Badoit,etc.) via a wi-fi enabled fridge magnet. Products are then delivered directly to the home*


Fridge Magnet number two

3 gadgets loyalty sales fridge magnet red tomato pizza

As above, but using bluetooth to connect to a smartphone, where details of favourite pizzas are stored for one-click ordering (and presumably, payment) From Red Tomato Pizza in Dubai.


(Looking at the two examples above –  you may not own a pizza or water business but the mind boggles with possibilities for other items around the home – I await the Andrex integrated air-freshener/ toilet paper ordering widget…)

A hanger that includes social sharing

"Is it just me or is this jacket HOT?"


"I don't want the same jacket as everyone else!"

Both of these issues can be solved withthis nifty hanger that integrates with Facebook to display the number of times that an item has been "liked" on the store's website.The hanger updates in real-time so shoppers a can see the popularity of items.


Do you know of any great gadgets to facilitate social shopping or one-click ordering?

Tell me below…


*home must be in Paris.