How to forge brand loyalty throughout the customer lifecycle through intelligent data use

In Data & Analytics by Freya Smale

Peter Crayfourd, brand loyalty, big data

Peter Crayfourd, Head of Customer Lifecycle Experience from Orange-France Telecom joined us today at Big Data World to discuss leveraging transactional big data to support pro active and transversal devision making. Tell us what you think below! Peter covered 4 key sections: the strategic ambition, the business challenge, the customer challenge and the reporting framework.

What do we want big data to do?

– customer engagement, which needs to be pro active, individual, empowering, engaging and re-engaging disengaged customers. Requires transactional data.

-business engagement is needed to facilitate the customer engagement. Business engagement needs to be customer engaged, customer focused, prioritised, measured and employee engagement will lead to successful customer engagement.

Organisations are fundamentally broken. Mr average kills our business. Using the word average will prevent 1-2-1 customer engagement. A defeated culture & engagement is catching- it is important to motivate employees to be engaged. Silos also sometimes foster a defeatist environment. Leadership & decision making is extremely important, this is what drives business. Firstly, there needs to be a desire to change.

What is a customer relationship?

It is the sum of all experiences with the supplier of good and services. Industrialised end to end relational experience transactions is the aim of delivery at the moment in Orange-France. Transactional data will enable you to improve the customer experience.

Attempting to bring in a 3 phase execution approach, which needs to be about using data to anticipate your customer’s thoughts and actions. This begins with listening and being reactive. It then moves to a phase of engaging, both business and customer engagement. This then leads to being able to anticipate. Building transaction level customer data over time will allow you to target your customer more effectively. By understanding this data, brand loyalty will be forged. Use strategic objective management, performance reporting and self care discovery to anticipate, building customer engagement.

Reporting framework is integral to this process, to achieve customer engagement. The framework should be both agent and customer focused. This will help to manage the customer, people, process and system involved in a transaction. This will then allow for strategic management: cost, churn, revenue and acquisition.

Takeaway: fix the business engagement to enable customer engagement.

Presentations from Big Data World Europe 2012 will become available from the 24th September.