Grasping the relationship between analytics, productivity and profitability to create data driven profit

In Data & Analytics by Freya Smale

Gary Lang

Gary Lang, EVP, Product, MarkLogic joined us at the Big Data World today to discuss how to grasp the relationship between analytics, productivity and profitability to create data drive profit. It is necessary to understand the multiple business dimensions, to utilise the data to ensure internal procedure optimisation, to overcome traditional lack of customer knowledge and finally to use data to better analyse the competition within your marketplace. 

Big Data  is not limited to government data, or business data, social media creates data. MarkLogic created a solution to monetise this growth. Consumers want data and answers to be real-time and immediate. Ability to answers questions in real time is vital to industry success. It is also vital to gain real value from this big data, to create new revenue streams, gain insights to market share etc. LexisNexis is a good example of how to get the results to your customers faster and easier, by using the insights gained from big data analysis. Warner Bros is another great example. They revolutionised the way their media assets are discovered and delivered, and created new revenue from content already in its archives. They successfully modernise digital asset distribution. British Petroleum has to make real-time trading decisions, based on real-time global information. They built a system to enable them to do this better and mark themselves out from their competitors. 

Big Data Infrastructure at MarkLogic begins with a database. It is also a Search engine that indexes everything that goes into the system. It is both query and search. Finally, it is also made up of application services. This system offers several opportunities to business as it is heterogenous, unannounced, exponentially growing, constantly changing, absent of a defined mechanism to query. It is also possible to search all of your data, monetise and manage, use information “as is”, gain access to new information in real-time and finally, the advantage of rapid prototyping, making the system completely future proof. 

MarkLogic is the only Enterprise NoSQL database available. It is powerful, accessible and trusted.