Turning data into value while the whole world watches #bdworld

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David Wormald, big data, analytics

The whole world watched as London hosted the Olympic and Paralympic games 2012. What did you think of the online coverage of the games? Tell us below. But how has this created a massive data headache for the BBC, who televised the Olympics? What solutions were used to make sure coverage run smoothly? David Wormald, Head of Information & Media Sector UK, MarkLogic told us at Big Data World today.

“Our aspiration was that just as the coronation did for TV in 1953, the Olymoics would do for digital in 2012”- Phil Fearnley, General Manager, Future Media- News & Knowledge

With a daily record of 9.5 million global browsers with 2.8 petabytes of data on the busiest day- we are talking Big Data!

Introducing Dynamic Semantic Publishing (DSP), a BBC technology, that uses linked data technology to automate aggregation, publishing and re-purposing of interrelated objects. DSP enables the automated publication of metadata and content-state driven web pages, something that was needed during the Olympics to keep information up to date. The tagging ontology of this system is purposely kept simple to protect the journalist from the complexities of the underlying domain model. Linked open data also aided this. 

Ontology is the formal expression of information. The Triple Store populates the ontology model. It relies on the RDF- Resource Description Framework, and enables the journalist to make simple statements. Triple Store helps to associate these statements to the tagging within the ontology model. The content store acts as the delivery engine. This is the dynamic part of the system, delivering all assets to all web pages, systems and devices that need them. Think of a sportsman- the ontology makes up the skeleton, the triple store the muscles and finally the content store make this system move. 

“The Big Data scale intent store manages rapidly changing statistics, navigation and, in the future, all content objects, thus evolving the architecture completely away from its static publishing roots..” (MarkLogic)

The BBC delivers high quality content written by a journalist. The technology allows the journalist to concentrate on producing top quality content. 

The BBC’s conclusion: “The demand and astonishing feedback…has exceeded our expectations…a truly digital games!”- Phil Fearnley, General Manager, Future Media- News & Knowledge

For more information, check out www.bbc.co.uk/blogs