5 must see online videos – matching content to customers

In Customer Engagement, Featured Videos by Nicola Wartnaby



The first is a start up called Dollar Shave Club, they took online video to another level. They were disruptive and they did it cheap.  It's now one of the most shared video's ever, 4,499,043 youtube views, and probably one of the best ad campaigns I've seen, click here and watch the online video they made.


Match your content with your customers.  Sound familiar?  Mercedes wanted to tap into the young male psyche particularly the emotion of speed and g-force.  This ad campaign aired on Emirates in-flight movie screens at exactly the same time as the plane was accelerating down the runway allowing viewers to watch the car screen speed up and experience the closest feeling to an actual test drive. 


ASOS used the fact that young people get their fashion cues from people on the street, from their mates rather than the classic fashion catwalk to create an entire ad campaign called the ASOS Urban Tour.  Allowing people to travel around the world and zoom down into each city and literally buy the clothes off the back of the dancers.  Click here and watch the making of it.


Have you heard of Michelle Phan?  Up until last week I hadn't.  In 2006 Michelle uploaded her first YouTube video.  In 5 years she has built the #1 online beauty community.  A self made internet star with over 4,000,000 subscribers and 1 billion video views.  Not strictly an ad campaign… but the community of fans that she's built is phenomenal.


Then there's Dermablend, they produce foundations, concealers, setting powders, brushes, makeup remover, skincare products…..  Not that exciting perhaps, check out the ad they made, simple idea, simple execution, over 9,256,894 in 6 months.



There's a lot of noise about online video, in fact writing this post I checked on google keywords and there are 11,100,000 global monthly searches on this term alone!  Not all of this is strictly "online video" of course, the Mercedes ad was made specifically to play on Emirates flights but I think these 5 videos show how different companies, large or small, broad or niche are using video as a tool to reach their customers in a way only video can.

What are your favourite online video ads?