Loyalty and ‘Gangnam Style’

In Social media by vincentre

Loyalty and 'Gangnam' StyleYou have probably seen the ‘Gangnam Style' music video by Psy on YouTube. Two and a half months on the site, over 330 million views so far.

Psy has propelled himself into substantial fame in the US market with this video. How he handles these next steps and manages to capitalize on this fame well beyond 15 minutes remains to be seen, but based on the fact he recently hired Justin Bieber's manager, he's looking to convert this into long-term relevancy.

One of the key aspects of social media for businesses is the ability to ride the wave when it strikes and propel your business forward utilizing this momentum, converting these new viewers to eventual loyal customers. Companies have to be wondering how they could generate such grand excitement and get their name out on the market in a good way.

How could companies emulate this type of excitement for their brand? What are effective ways for channeling that energy into authentic, long-term loyalty?