How to attract the smart customer with Ikano’s key trends for the future of loyalty

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Download whitepaper: Loyalty programmes are proving to be the smart choice for companies looking to overcome the impact of the recession as they battle to find new ways to make their budgets drive better return on investment.

Similarly customers are seeking out loyalty as one way to make their money go further as they become more select about who gets their share of spend.

Loyalty programmes provide the perfect opportunity to foster a win/win situation for customer and marketer.
Customers are attracted to loyalty by the prospect of rewards, relevant offers and information, in exchange for sharing a higher proportion of their wallet with the chosen retailer. To the retailer, a plethora of benefits comes from re-focusing their strategy towards their existing customers including:

  • Increased frequency of customer visit and spend per visit – increased sales
  • Reduced advertising costs by focussing on rewarding the customers that drive the most value
  • Higher ROI on marketing spend
  • Acquired customer insight
  • Better customer satisfaction

A recent survey of 26,000 customers by retail loyalty experts Ikano revealed 3 key indicators for the future direction of loyalty. Read the findings in full here.

To learn more from Ikano’s insights into loyalty trends follow this link to register for your complimentary pass to the exhibition and seminars at Loyalty World 2012.