Apple’s Tim Cook Surprises with an Apology

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apple has very loyal customers but usually does not apologize for mistakes until Tim Cook apologized for the Maps app this is different than Steve Jobs handling antennagate

Apple is a brand that is synonymous with customer loyalty.  It sold over 5 million of the new iPhone 5 just three days after its launch.  People were lining up for days by the Apple stores to be one of the first ones to purchase the new phone.  Apple users love their products and they are extremely loyal.

I just bought the new iPhone 5 and it is my first iPhone!  I admit I love it and I am always on it.  I understand the loyalty but I do not think I will ever be one of those people waiting on line days before it comes out.

While I love the phone I also see the problems with Maps and I hear about the problems with the camera.  We all expected Apple to acknowledge the problem but not apologize.  I was completely shocked when Tim Cook issued an apology for the Maps app.  He acknowledges the problems and apologizes for the customers' frustration!  Yes of course the app does not work properly and there are bugs but an apology?  I did not expect that.  But wait, isn't it crazy to not expect an apology for a mistake from a company that has so many loyal customers?  Before Tim Cook apologized we just weren't used to it.

"Antennagate" pretty much sums up the iPhone 4 release.  So many people experience dropped calls and loss of service because of the iPhone 4 design.  Did Steve Jobs apologize about the inconvenience?  No, he told customers to hold the phone another way!  While Apple did give away free phone cases for the new iPhone 4's they never issued an apology!  Instead, Jobs showed how other smartphones also dropped calls while being gripped.

So yes, Tim Cook apologizing came as a little shock to me and I'm sure it surprised others as well.  We are used to the Steve Jobs way of dealing with an iPhone problem and the Tim Cook way is definitely different.

Are you loyal to Apple?  Were you surprised by the apology?

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