How to engage with a Facebook attack on your brand by Bodyform

In Social media by Simon Crompton-Reid

A few days ago, a man called Richard Neill responded in a particularly sharp way to his disillusionment with a lifetime's exposure to Bodyform ads, by posting on Bodyform's Facebook page:

bodyform facebook customer richard neil

His comments quickly "went viral", and as Mashable points out, his comments were vastly more popular than the page they were posted on (83k likes for his comment, 4k for Bodyform's brand page)


Here's an example of the kind of ad Richard is talking about:



So, how, as a brand, do you respond to that? Well, as with the O2’s recent reponse to their brand being abused on twitter you respond by being funnier.


Like this:


I think this is utter genius.


Did Bodyform handle this the right way? do you have any other examples of how to deal with brand attack? Let me know below…