Cooking up Customer Engagement

In Customer Experience, Loyalty & CRM by lindsey

Cooking up customer engagement for people with allergies - catering products to your customers and gaining loyalty, maximizing customer experience and engagement

Every time I go out to eat with my friend Kim we have a problem. Kim is allergic to everything, and I mean it – EVERYTHING!  Everywhere we go we ask: do you cook food in peanut oil, does anything we want have soy in it, and are those coconut shavings on my plate? Well we try and try but still have a hard time finding a place that Kim doesn't have to worry about. It also doesn't help that she can never remember to bring her EpiPen just in case!

Now you're probably wondering what any of this has to do with loyalty and engagement. Well for someone like Kim, finding a restaurant that cares about her and caters to her needs is important! It determines whether we'll go back and whether they will be able to maximize customer engagement.  It also determines what we will tell friends, family, and even strangers about our experience! 

The best experience we had was when we got brunch at Tao. Now I know what you're thinking – what is someone with severe peanut allergies doing in a place that cooks everything in peanut oil? Well blame me! I forgot about her allergies and took her there. Right when we sat down Kim informed the server of all her allergies. I assumed the server would tell us to leave, there is no way they could do anything!  Instead she told us that the chef would prepare all of Kim's meals without peanut oil. It was that simple! Usually we are told to order anything not prepared with peanut oil but at Tao they were going to accommodate us! When the food arrived the server pointed out everything Kim was allowed to go near and what she shouldn't dare touch! Our experience there was so great that anytime we're in the mood for Asian fusion we end up at Tao because we know it's safe.

Our customer experience was great and they now have loyal customers (it didn't hurt that the food was delicious!)  Do you have a great experience that made you a loyal customer?

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