How to identify and serve customers requiring personalised contact centre assistance

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LivePerson have provided us with a whitepaper on how to identify and serve customers requiring personalised contact centre assistance.  To meet and listen to LivePerson register for a free visitor place here and learn from their presentation Intelligently Engaging Customers to Increase Online Sales & Improve Customer Service.

For today's consumers, the Web is quickly becoming the channel of choice for receiving customer care. Whether they need to check bank balances, manage phone service, upgrade a cable package, or enquire about frequent flyer miles accumulation, people expect to find the information they need upon visiting their provider's website. The consumer's preference for doing business on the Web is clearly beneficial to contact centres, as the channel offers unparalleled opportunities to drive cost and service efficiencies. Moreover, by offering self-help tools for basic and routine problem types, contact centres are able to focus additional resources on more complex problem resolution.

At the same time, the Web represents new challenges for the enterprise. Consumers are bringing a diverse set of questions to the Web, and expect to find answers. Enterprises able to implement an intelligent way to assess who – of thousands of visitors on their site at any given time – will need personalised assistance in order to ensure retention, will have a distinct competitive advantage in the marketplace. To satisfy the customer's preference for doing business on the Web – and to drive even more cost and service efficiencies – enterprises need to enhance their self-help tools so that customers may seamlessly escalate to a live company representative from their Web session to resolve urgent issues immediately. They also need tools that enable them to identify visitors at risk and target them for personalised assistance from a customer care representative.

Today, the enterprise can assess how potential and current customers are responding to its Web channel in real time, and take steps to positively affect the outcome of online visitor sessions. By deflecting a greater number of customer care interactions away from the costly phone and email channels, and into the more efficient chat channel, contact centres can concentrate resources on the kind of one-off problem resolution that makes or breaks the loyalty of their customers. The LivePerson online engagement approach enables the contact centre to segment visitors who require personalised assistance from those who will successfully self-serve using a self-help tool.

Download the full whitepaper here: Download Intelligent Online Engagement for Customer Service

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