How to segment and engage customers throughout the sales cycle

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LivePerson have provided us with a whitepaper on how to really take control of your ecommerce site. Now that the Internet has evolved into a mainstream channel for doing business, ecommerce executives are seeking to apply to the online medium the best practices long relied upon by their brick-and-mortar counterparts. Topping the list of best practices is visitor segmentation and targeting. Of all visitors who come to the online channel, who should be engaged? Are there behaviour patterns that indicate certain visitors could be encouraged to make a purchase or increase their order size if engaged by a product specialist? If so, how can those visitors be identified and proactively targeted at the right time with the right message?

The same level of segmentation is required by the contact centre. As customers flock to the Web in search of support for their products and services, enterprises need an automated way to assess who – of thousands of visitors on their site at any given time – will need personalised assistance in order to drive first contact resolution and ensure retention. Today, the enterprise can assess how potential and current customers are responding to its Web channel in real time, and take steps to positively affect the outcome of online visitor sessions. The LivePerson online engagement approach enables sites to target the right visitor at the right moment in order to encourage desired outcomes. Hot leads are matched with available agents who have the appropriate skill set to address visitor interests. When agent resources are limited, invitations are controlled, ensuring that productivity is maximised and visitors who are invited to engage through live chat are always served promptly.

These attributes may also be applied by the contact centre to segment visitors who require personalised assistance from those who will successfully self-serve using a self-help tool. By providing targeted assistance to visitors who can't self-serve, the contact centre can concentrate its resources on the one-off problem resolution that makes or breaks the loyalty of customers.

Download the full whitepaper here: Download Intelligent Online Engagement for Sales

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