Ipad Mini – has Apple pushed it’s customers too far this time?

In Loyalty & CRM by Simon Crompton-Reid

apple ipad mini customer loyalty

Apple has long been famed for it's fanatical customer base for having  of customer loyalty licked, for being the envy of the business world.

But where in the great book of customer loyalty does it say that you can make your very loyal fanbase, who queue outside your stores waiting for them to open, who tolerate the fact that your product is notably more expensive than other products of equivalent specification, pay for the same product twice in 6 months?


Apple, srsly:

It doesn't matter that it's a different size and therefore to your mind a different product –  they're pre-programmed to want whatever you release, and you just made them pay for the last one 6 months ago.

It's got iPad in it. It's the same product.

Apple people don't buy Apple products because of some inherently new exciting functionality, they buy them because they have to, you created that situation, but this may be a bridge too far.

They're not happy,look:





You can behave like a mobile handset manufacturer when your product (like most mobile handsets) is effectively free at consumer level.

But you can't behave like that when your product is twice as expensive as it's rivals.


Or can you?


Early reviews are very good, and it may still sell like the proverbial hot cakes, but I think Apple's loyalty bubble may have been pricked…

what do you think? Are you a fanatical Apple person who wants to smack me about for just thinking this way? (I own an htc desire z, built my last computer myself, and am very happy thanks) answer below: