Best Ways Social Media Builds Brand Loyalty

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social media builds brand loyalty through customer engagement, rewarding customers, responding to feedback, using contests and sweepstakes

Social media has helped brands connect with many users on various sites.  It allows brands to communicate with users about what they like, don't like, want to change, etc.  Social media has made a significant impact on brand loyalty and it isn't showing any signs of slowing down.

One way social media builds brand loyalty is through customer engagement.  It allows companies to respond to what users are saying about their brand.  This could be by clearing up miscommunications, adding clarifications, and showing that they are listening to what the customer has to say.  Having a company that listens and responds to its customers shows a customer that it cares. Deleting comments your users leave on your page has never really gone over well. More people comment and get angry that their comments were deleted.

Starbucks is a great example of how a company can interact with customers in a way that is engaging and builds brand loyalty.  They do a great job of responding to individual customers, creating interactive polls, and providing useful information.  Considering they have over 32 million likes they must be doing something right.

Another way companies build brand loyalty using social media is by rewarding their loyal customers for engaging with them.  They can give their users special discounts and offers.  Alicia Keys allowed Facebook fans to listen to her new album before anyone got the chance to purchase it.  Other companies have contests where people have to give a creative answer, retweet a comment, follow/like the company, etc.  This allows companies to gain more followers/fans while engaging with the customer.

The last way companies build brand loyalty is by providing their customers with content.  Posting content that users find relevant, entertaining, or helpful is a great way to attract users to your site and keep them coming back for more.  Some examples of content include a great blog from one of your employees, a video you made for your product, a game you created that connects to your brand, etc.

Do you interact with your favorite brands on social media?  Can you think of any good or bad examples of a company interacting with customers on social media?

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