Apple, Amazon, Samsung, Youtube are Brand Keys 2012 loyalty leaders

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2012 loyalty leades list brand

Brand Keys have brought out their 16th annual list of Loyalty Leaders.

Forbes says:

"Twenty-one new brands showed up on the 2012 list. Most of those new arrivals accounted for brands and sectors that, it turns out, facilitate social outreach: tablets, smartphones, and social networks. This year's top-10 loyalty leaders ranking looks like this:

  1. Apple: tablets
  2. Amazon: tablets
  3. Apple: smartphone
  4. Amazon: on-line retail
  5. Apple: computer
  6. Samsung: tablet
  7. Call of Duty: major league gaming
  8. Samsung: cellphone
  9. Halo: major league gaming
  10. Twitter: social networks

And this bit is me, not Forbes:

The surprising thing is the number of categories that did not appear on last year's list – major league gaming and tablets are both new, which speaks volumes as to consumers expectations of brand engagement – tablets facilitate social contact, and "major league gaming" may aswell say "online gaming" as both Halo and Call Of Duty are brands whose strength is predicated on their online element.

this from dmnews:

Brand Keys assembled the list by surveying more than 49,000 men and women ages 18 to 65 from nine U.S. census regions and measuring the number of brand mentions from each of the 83 categories.

"[Brands] have to be mentioned by the consumers enough times to be included in the study. On average, there are probably six or eight brands in each one of the categories that gets mentioned enough," (Brand Keys President Robert) Passikoff says.

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