Once more, with feeling? Rapide on the missing piece of the loyalty jigsaw

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Loyalty programmes tell you what’s selling and who’s buying – and Britain is home to some of the world’s best. But is “keeping score” the same as true loyalty? Rapide thinks there’s an extra piece to the picture – and would like to share what it’s learned in over a decade working with over half the FTSE.

What’s become clear from over half a billion customer interactions is that the situation the customer experiences – from a simple chat with the Call Centre to a household crisis – hugely affects what they think of you, and also how likely they are to tell you about it! (Only 4% will ever tell you of a bad experience… And while a happy customer will tell 16 friends, an unhappy one rants to 64.) 

This is the missing piece: understanding the customer’s emotional state, and making use of it to bad experiences into good ones and good ones into the stuff of legends.  

Download Rapide's thought bubble ebook: Emotional loyalty: The missing piece of the jigsaw

Rapide calls these important interactions “Moments of Truth” – and some matter a great deal more than others. 

What was the difference that delivered response rates of 52% for one company, when two others asking the same questions only reached 18%? How does a technology partner regularly get 90% of customers sharing their experiences? It’s all to do with the emotional bond, and how the customer felt when they interacted. At Loyalty World 2012 the company will share their stories – and others – with you. Most importantly, you’ll see the technology that delivers these results in action.

Rapide’s expertise with the mobile channel led it to develop “Rant & Rave”, a real-time customer feedback engine that “understands” customer feedback received via text messages, emails, voice messages and interactive surveys, aggregating everything from NPS scores to natural-language comments in simple charts and graphs. It’s multi-modal – after all, the channel of communication should be the customer’s choice – and always-on, since the most valuable feedback is collected in real-time. (And real-time means any time.)

See Rapide in Tuesday's 10am key note address where they’ll be sharing their success stories in person. (There’s also a free how-to document to get you thinking about the possibilities. Rapide calls them “Thought Bubbles”.) Look for Rapide on Stand 6.

Download Rapide's thought bubble ebook:  Emotional loyalty:  The missing piece of the jigsaw

Alternatively, register to come and see Mike McMaster, Head of Client Services, Rapide give a free live seminar on how to get to the heart of true customer loyalty at 3pm on the 5th November at the Hilton Metropole:  Register for the seminar here