Live @ Loyalty World: The Loyalty Blindspot

In Loyalty & CRM by Sammii

Loyalty, David Meerman Scott, marketing

We live in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA) world, but loyalty marketing is thriving; budgets are increasing and exciting technological innovations are allowing big data to be used in exciting and relevant ways. David stresses that loyalty marketing professionals have an obligation to help define marketing and organisational strategy – but, at the same time, could miss their chance.

How could this chance be missed? Firstly, they could miss the moment. Loyalty is not just about customer points and cards; it is about building and understanding customers at the granular level. The innovations of today enable marketers to put their departments at the centre of the organisation, but, a failure to capitalise on this opportunity threatens to relegate marketers to the role of PR rather than "customer scientist".

Secondly, we could miss the point.  Just because technology allows us to connect with customers in exciting, new and clever ways doesn't mean that the communication itself is as exciting, new and clever; in fact, it can be stupid! The risk is that loyalty marketers become blinded by the role of technology and forget about the core principles of loyalty; that of customer scientists – and they should not lose sight of this.