Live @ Loyalty World: Meerman-Scott: On the web, you are what you publish

In Loyalty & CRM by Sammii

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Instant engagement through real-time marketing, real-time customer engagement and real-time social sharing offers new ways of doing business. However, most of the marketers are reluctant to use these new channels because it's different than how they've done business in the past.

Mr. Scott suggests 4 ideas to generate your customer's attention: buy your way in with advertising, beg your way in with the media, bug your way in with selling or publish or share and be found. Obviously, social sharing and instant engagement have gained massive influence through social media. But: social media are only tools – "Real-time" is the mindset: Typical companies focus on the long-term planning process, but they forget about what is happening in the marketplace and with their customers RIGHT NOW.

Mr. Scott thinks that building customer loyalty through instant engagement is one of the biggest things going on in marketing at the moment. The marketplace is becoming over flooded by "Innovation" and similar terms that keep popping up but do not have any effect on build loyalty. To inspire loyalty, marketers have to get rid of the same old language everyone else uses by using instant engagement.

Here's how to implement "Real-time" in your company:

(1) Assign someone how is in charge

(2) Define guidelines for real-time communication with your customers

(3) Implement real-time systems

(4) Develop your real-time mindset

Stop making excuses and start to do business in the here and now!