Presentation Download: The key ingredients for making your brand a byword for trust

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Loyalty World 2012, Brand, Aviva

At Loyalty World 2012, Ellie Mickleburgh, Head of Customer Strategy, Aviva gave her opinion on how to build trust in your brand, not just in the present, but to build it for future generations. In simple terms, current operational attributes build trust whilst future societal attributes build trust.

Ellie gives 5 top tips to remember when building truist n your brand:

  1. Remember it's a two way thing
  2. A brand is as a brand does
  3. Let your customers get to know you well
  4. If you don't trust your brand, why would anyone else?
  5. The 4 C's: Competence, Complaints, Contact, Comms

To find out more, download Ellie's presentations here: Ellie Mickleburgh – Aviva: Download Presentation

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