How to transform the customer proposition with Big Data analytics

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eBook: Those regular readers of Total Customer might well have noticed a bit of a drop off in the volume of content being produced, punctuated every so often with a burst of posts live from a particular show. Well that's because it's conference season folks and we've been hard at work laying on a really excellent series of events in the UK and abroad.

One of the brand new events to join our stable this year was our Big Data World Europe conference. From 19th-20th September it addressed how businesses across sectors could take data from science project to real business application. Featuring the likes of EMI, Orange-France Telecom, Virgin Insight, PayPal and eBay, the event addressed how some of the biggest businesses in the world were overcoming and profiting from the influx of data.

Perhaps the most considered topic at Big Data World Europe was that of how data could be used to transform, personalise and monetise customer experience. This theme was consistently considered business critical regardless of business and industry.

With this in mind we have put together an eBook that expands on the idea of redefining the proposition. It outlines how the customer has changed, the scope of the big data opportunity and details how two particular sectors are making best use of their data.

Download the eBook here

I'd love to hear your thoughts on the content featured and to continue the conversation. How is your business using data to better interact with customers? What sectors do you see as being able to make better use of data than they currently do?