Social media – it’s not for everyone

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Social media – it’s not for everyone Day after day, week after week, marketers are inundated with new articles, case studies and success stories of how social media has revolutionized businesses. They hear how companies exponentially improved customer service, loyalty, retention, exposure, etc. all with the help of facebook, twitter, instragram and run back to their offices desperately trying to figure out how to implement these fantastic new tools into their own business.

But what if they didn't have to? What if this bandwagon everyone is clamoring to get on really is just another rickety wagon riding down the trail that you can still get to with your own 2 feet? Apparently, some retailers think so. According to Mashable, 4 major retailers have yet to jump on this new fad and it seems to be suiting them just fine.

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While 2 of the companies Mashable mentions, Viagra and Marlboro, seem less strange, both Trader Joes and Apple seem completely out of place by not entering the twitterverse and facebookland that retailers have overwhelmingly adopted in the past few years.

I could easily Trader Joes posting fun new recipes on facebook or tweeting specials that they currently reserve for their Soapbox newsletter (to be fair, my grandmother is an avid reader). Their entire platform is to be fun quirky and engaging with their customer. So why no facebook page? Why no twitter? Why no instagram of Joes employees dressed up for the holidays and having fun with their customers?

Similarly, the gurus of the 21st century computer, Apple, also have no official facebook or twitter. Personally, I find this shocking, especially the twitter page. It would be great to have the genius bar extending into twitter with 24/7 assistance for less severe problems – the one chagrin I have with Mac is the the fact that I always need to schedule an appointment with the genius bar, even for something as rudimentary as a frozen screen.

So what's their secret? What's their reasoning? Are they just waiting for the fad to pass or are they comfortable with their current plan of attack?

If  you were them, what would you do?