How to create loyalty through speedy delivery

In Loyalty & CRM by Oliver Arscott

Shutl, Customer Engagement, Delivery Services, ECommerce 

This is a guest blog from our partners at Shutl who have recently joined us as proud sponsors of Europe's Customer Festival.

Today's online shopper can find, evaluate and purchase anything from anywhere in seconds. One thing, however, has hardly changed – delivery. We are still stuck waiting days (often far longer!) for a package that will eventually turn up at a time that suits the courier, not the customer.

Shutl was created with one single goal in mind; to enable shoppers to get what they want, when they want. 

Delivery is cited by 90% of shoppers as their number one frustration with shopping online, costing UK retailers billions in delivery failure and lost sales.  Shutl solves this by letting customers choose to have their orders shutl'd to them either within minutes of purchase or at a convenient time that suits. 

Shutl, Customer Engagement, Delivery Services, ECommerce

The service is available for a comparable price to standard delivery, meaning sometimes even free. Customers can also track their orders and watch them "shutling" their way towards them in real time on a GPS enabled map.

Shutl gives multichannel retailers a sustainable competitive advantage over pure play competitors, leveraging stock located in local stores to offer a delivery proposition compelling enough to attract and retain customers. Retailers can cross-sell, up-sell and significantly increase online conversion and order values via a simple user interface. Our partners include Argos, Maplin, Aurora Fashions and Karen Millen alongside a host of smaller retailers.

Shutl, Customer Engagement, Delivery Services, ECommerce

Aside from holding the record for the world's fastest ecommerce delivery (delivered within 14min:58sec of checkout), our proudest claim is that we have the happiest customers of any UK based business; our NPS (net promoter score) is 79% which is higher than Apple!

The road ahead:

We've spent this last year taking Shutl national in the UK, and currently serve around 75% of shoppers. Just enter your postcode on the homepage of our website to see which of our partners offers the service in your area. 

Whilst this expansion is going to continue throughout the next year, going global has always been our great ambition.  With almost 3 years of learning under our belt, and the world's two largest online retailers, Amazon and eBay recently announcing major initiatives around same-day delivery in USA – it felt like the time & place was right for market #2. 

Shutl will be launching in New York City and San Francisco in the first quarter of 2013. Although we can't yet share an exact date and start the countdown, we also have plans to roll out to a further 10 North American cities in short order: Atlanta, Washington, Chicago, Philadelphia, Boston, Miami, Houston, Los Angeles, Montreal and Toronto. There will be more to follow, we're just getting started!

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