Mobile Marketing soon to rule the roost

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While mobile marketing didn't feature a few years ago, Michael from Mobile Marketing Watch says it looks to explode and be king of the hill in the next 5 years.

So a logical question you might be asking yourself is – With such emphasis with everybody going mobile why will it take so long?

The answer is simple there is still a massive lack of understanding and knowledge from marketers of how to fully utilise this

gold mine that they sit on.

Dave Audley who heads up research and consulting at Experian says "Marketers are finding its quite difficult to quantify return

on investment by channel. Organisations are reluctant or not committing to investing in the mobile channel just yet until they feel

confident that they can measure the return that they get"

He also predicts that in the next 5 years more than 50% of marketing budgets will be allocated to mobile, and the companies who know

how to work and play the game will integrate mobile marketing with existing channels, because mobile is cost effective and easy to

implement it creates a nice smooth dynamic where brands can create a 2 way dialogue which gets the user engaged, because as we know,its about the experience that the customer gets and feels when they engage with you that helps build brand loyalty.

I predict that the speed mobility is evolving we might see mobile gain a bigger slice of the pie sooner than we think…

what are your thoughts?

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