Greater loyalty and commitment – Greening with Consumers in 2013

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A new factor to add to the wishlist of customers
Regardless of the economy, businesses today would have to set off on a quest to look for more ecologically sustainable activities. A slow but growing trend that we should have seen in 2012 that will be carried forward to 2013 – the greening of businesses. Ranging from processes to products, and even the daily activity of printing papers, consumers today look at how green a business can go and how products are made greener for them.

A green label or playful statements of the business green values may resonate with customers, but in the long term, with mischievous uncovering of any false green-value of the products, whatever you've built, you'll see them all going straight down into the drain. You wouldn't want it, but it's just true and happening.  All the effort for getting the commitment and loyalty – Wasted.

Consumers today change their decisions faster than the climate change, and this is an important note for all B2C businesses. Remember the term people use in the past – Reciprocity. It is high time to bring it up again. If you want customers to behave the way you want them to, you have to start behaving the way they want you to. How about making their problem your problem? Feel them, and relate to them. It's all for the long term!

At the end of the day, the most important factor is to promise only what you can and will deliver. Customers today are more informed and savvy to uncover any deceit. Be true to them, and they will reciprocate. Be it greening with customers or not, these applies here and almost everywhere as long as customers are involved.

Exchanging for green loyalty – products that give back
Use and throw? Not today – The world of disposable has now been slowly taken over by the world of reusable. Something we witness, the real but slow replacement of plastic bags with recyclable bags.

Unlike seasons, consumer trends emerge via the cross-pollination, re-combination, meeting-and-matching of existing and new consumer behaviours and innovation. Once they've emerged, do trust that they will evolve constantly. So, with this slowly, but truly growing trend, what should businesses do today to catch this upcoming wave?

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