Top nine UK marketing gurus (and one Kiwi) to follow on Twitter

In Social media by Oliver Arscott

With the internet jam-packed with insightful folk sharing great content, I've spent time this morning compiling a list of the ‘top tweeters' who I follow for all things social and digital. It's based partly on some choice metrics, but also on personal taste. I strongly urge you to follow all ten below to join the conversation recommending anyone who you think should be promoted, UK or abroad. using the comments section below.

So in no particular order my list is:


Deborah Womack

Who?: Deborah Womack, Senior Director, Relationship Marketing, POSSIBLE

Twitter followers: 3,613

Klout score: 50

Why follow?: Bags of digital marketing experience and some great insights from an agency perspective. For everything you need to know about CRM and Customer Experience.


Jorgen Sundberg

Who?: Jorgen Sundberg, Founder and Director, Link Humans

Twitter followers: 39,589

Klout score: 71

Why follow?: A giant in the world of social media strategy and B2B marketing. If you're looking to transform your social strategy he's the man to go to.


Colin Shaw

Who?: Colin Shaw, Author, Beyond Philosophy

Twitter followers: 2,544

Klout score: 60

Why follow?: For all things customer. Author of four books in the last decade on customer experience, he's helped businesses in the UK and beyond redefine their loyalty strategy.


Matt Rhodes

Who?: Matt Rhodes, Strategy Director, FreshNetworks

Twitter followers: 9,881

Klout score: 54

Why follow?: Social media marketer, strategist and all round guru, Matt (as well as the whole fresh networks team) are great to follow if you care at all about rocking it on social.


Brad Bennett

Who?: Brad Bennett, Innovations Architect, Genesys

Twitter followers: 40,537

Klout score: 60

Why follow?: So Brad's the only one on this list not UK based, but I had to throw this Paris based Kiwi into the mix because, well, he's awesome. Customer experience and social media don.


Paul Fabretti

Who?: Paul Fabretti, Head of Social Media, Telefonica UK

Twitter followers: 4,462

Klout score: 64

Why follow?: I've talked to death on this blog about what a great job O2 Telefonica are doing on social, and this is the guy behind it. Follow him and follow O2 now.


Ian Anderson Gray

Who?: Ian Anderson Gray, Co-founder, Select Performers

Twitter followers: 11,377 followers

Klout score: 60

Why follow?: His blog is one of my personal favourites and he's a one stop shop for building a strong internet presence for individuals, SMEs and charities.


Jim Connolly

Who?: Jim Connolly, Founder, Jim's Marketing Blog

Twitter followers: 7,308

Klout score: 68

Why follow?: You probably already know who this guy is. His blog is legendary and has received just about every plaudit under the sun. But another one can't hurt. His experience speaks for itself and comes across throughout the content he pushes out to marketing professionals around the world.


Omar Kattan

Who?: Omar Kattan, Chief Strategy Officer, Sandstorm Digital

Twitter followers: 20,414

Klout score: 61

Why follow?: A self-confessed new age adman and corporate brand storyteller, Omar is a great follow if want to rethink how you're performing online from SEO to eCommerce to social.


Ruth Lever Kidson

Who?: Ruth Lever Kidson, Doctor, Writer, Marketer, Various

Twitter followers: 13,282

Klout score: 55

Why follow?: In no particular order Ruth Lever Kidson is a former British Army medical officer, a medical hypnotherapist, a counsellor, a published author, a popular public speaker, a regular television and radio broadcaster, and a phenomenally insightful online marketer. You need to follow her.

So there it is folks. I hope you found the above useful. Do submit your own entries below, and while you're at it feel free to follow me on @OliverArscott and join our Customer Festival Twitter community on @customerss.