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Loyalty and Mobile join forces


I was recently at a conference and one of the speakers had an interesting thought, he said 

"”why do loyalty programs reward you once you have bought something and leaving the shop, surely they should reward you as you walk in"

and it made me think, in the past that might not have been possible, but in this techno age when everybody has smartphones, and we have the technology this is defiantly an area that can be exploited.

With mobility linking together with almost every aspect of technology why should loyalty lag behind.

Just off the top of my head I can think of 3 ways where mobility and loyalty can work together to increase your customer

1) GEO LOCATION: Phones can be tracked down to a specific location, so why not set a perimeter around your shop/restaurant and when somebody walks past send them a message inviting them in. Humans are creatures of impulse and spontaneity, if i am walking past a shop I will most likely pop in to see what was on offer.

2) ACCESS TO MORE CUSTOMERS: Gone are the days when you can only get your mail at the post-box or desktop, now you are constantly connected with your phone, which means you can speak to your customers whenever you want, so instead of only reaching a customer once every few weeks you can now speak to all of them more often. So if a customer walks into your shop you can remind them of how many points they have.

3) MOBILE COUPONS: Nobody carries paper around anymore, so the thought of cutting out coupons and taking them to the shops is just not even in peoples frames of mind, it is also not trackable, by having coupons on your cellphone through an app , not only will customers keep coming to your shop because of the ease of redeeming the coupons, but they are also 100% trackable so you can see what coupons have the best pull from the customers and possibly also track each individuals purchasing patterns.

Personally I think that mobility potential is unlimited and this is such an exciting avenue businesses can really think outside the box. I have been speaking to cell phone companies and the new technology and apps they are creating are amazing.

If I could throw in a TV reference for a second, which is very cheesy, but I just cant help myself.

If any of you remember the very old cartoon Captain Planet – when each element was by itself they were good, but when they combined they were 100 times more powerful, and it is the same with today’s technology, cross linking platforms and technology is amazingly powerful, so lets get the going and get our creative juices flowing how we can maximise the loyalty game.


Just on a side note did you know the fist spacecraft that landed on the moon had less technology in it than today’s smartphone, and if they could do that , then imagine the potential we can do on our little devices.


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