How we should rethink marketing in the digital age

In Customer Engagement, Downloads by Simon Crompton-Reid

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As the world has moved online, the distance between companies and customers has collapsed to zero.

For both consumers and business, the world is speeding up becoming more uncertain and more technology-based than ever before.
The customer journey has become increasingly sinuous, winding back and forth from online to in-store, from individual to social, from static to mobile. In trying to keep up with these changes and manage complexity, brands are faced with new challenges that traditional marketing cannot meet. We are reaching the limits of yesterday's mass media communications and are in the midst of a paradigm shift brought on by digital technologies and the emergence of new digital marketing opportunities.

This new paradigm calls for a new approach to marketing.
This paper explains how to re-think marketing in the digital age and how to create, equip and organise marketing teams for meeting the needs of the new digital consumer.

Download the Agile Marketing whitepaper and be inspired by Valtech's pioneering approach to marketing in the digital era.

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