CMO strikes first blood against the CIO

In Data & Analytics by wayne

The big data war rages on


The CMO vs CIO war is heating up, neither giving an inch…

Who will be the ultimate winner?? Well Gartner predicts that the CMO will have the upper hand in a few years. Ill let you come up with your own conclusions and I would be interested in your opinion.

I read a blog from Gil Press from Forbes who delves into why there is this feud between them and how Big Data was the catalyst.

He covers various topics such as:

  • Why the CMO/CIO relationship is in turmoil
  • Marketers are wanting more involvement with data, which means more pressure for the IT department
  • Marketers cant handle the influx of all the new data or they are not prepared for it
  • IT is the messenger between the CMO and CIO


While this is a war that will rage on for a few more years -for now they must still work together for the good of the company (talk about tension)

One thing is for sure, that whoever wins this war, big data is here and with all this new technology and big data is just going to grow and grow.


Let me know your thoughts!


(oh and incase you were wondering Iv got my money on the CMO)


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