Recommended reading for Loyalty World Canada delegates

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Recommended reading for Loyalty World Canada delegates

This blog post was kindly provided by Bill Hanifin, Editor Loyalty Truth:

With Loyalty World Canada around the corner, you are probably checking the agenda for talks that you don't want to miss and the delegate list for people you want to meet. Whether you're most interested in Big Data, Customer Experience, or linking social networks to your loyalty program, you'll learn lots at the conference.

You can also extend your loyalty knowledge by digging in to some outside reading. Loyalty Truth would like to share several books on our shelf, some of which have been reviewed in detail in previous posts. Some of these are directly related to the topics you'll interact with at Loyalty World and others are tangential to core loyalty planning topics, but highly useful as you think about improving you customer marketing strategies over the next year.

Here are a few books you should give a try:

The Tasti D-Lite Way: Social Media Marketing Lessons for Building Loyalty and a Brand Customers Crave by BJ Emerson & James Amos

BJ is a trusted colleague and you'll find me quoted somewhere deep in the pages. The important thing to know is that Tasti D-Lite was the first national restaurant chain to reward loyalty program members for interactions on the social graph, setting off the official beginning of "Social Loyalty", a new phase of loyalty marketing development.

The Shopper Economy by Liz Crawford

Liz is a colleague whom I met through Retail Wire and a Senior industry analyst for the Path to Purchase Institute. Yep, I was interviewed for the book, though that is not my motivation to recommend it to you for a good read. It stands on its own.

The Impact Equation by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith

Chris Brogan is a forward thinker in the social economy and writes a compelling and thoughtful blog that you should follow. You'll find a review here fromTim Sanders, a self-styled "people-centric business expert" and someone I read regularly.

Creating the Strategy – Winning and Keeping Customers in B2B Markets by Rennie Gould

This book hit our desk recently and we think you will find it a useful tool in crafting a focused sales strategy in your organization, large or small. Rennie Gould is the founder of Customize UK Training and an experienced consultant with experience working with Ford Motor Company and British Telecom as well as strategy work with the likes of Mercedes Benz and AXA Insurance. The book is a highly useful training tool which can be distributed among your business development teams to guide in forming strategic selling plans and focusing on achieving in business results.

Strategic Sales Presentations by Jack Malcolm

I had the privilege to work with Jack when we were both in the corporate banking world and he has since become an insightful trainer and developer for sales team worldwide. If you are in the business of selling anything – and who isn't – grab this book and share it among your team.

You can find each of these books via these links.

The Tasti D-Lite Way

The Shopper Economy

The Impact Equation

Creating the Strategy

Strategic Sales Presentations

I hope you'll find value in at least one of these books and that the list here supplements all that you will learn at Loyalty World Canada next week.