Presenting Big Data Just Got Easier Thanks to Microsoft’s SketchInsight

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Big Data is a big deal to retail, as I’m sure you’re already aware. The trouble is, how do take all that information and put it in a digestible form that can be handed to investors and management staff to help them understand your market easily?
Well, it seems that Microsoft may well have the solution with SketchInsight.

Shown in the video above, SketchInsight lets you draw and create presentations effortlessly. Just draw out how you’d like to quantify the information (be it in a bar graph, geo map or pie chart form), define your parameters (year, time, age, location etc), and then watch as SketchInsight delves into your database of data to pull up the relevant info and displays it in interactive graph from. Perfect for presentations.

Big Data is what is defining the future of retail, allowing those who utilise it to see and learn everything about a customer – or potential customer – so they can target them far more effectively.

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