Big Data Could Change The Face of Football Fan Interaction

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Big Data could aid Football in capturing customer loyalty

Football is the biggest sport in the world and Big Data can make it even bigger than it already is.

We all know that Big Data tells you about everything your customers are doing when interacting with your brand. Utilising such information would be key to football clubs actively engaging with their fans in a far more meaningful way than they already do.

Football fans are arguably the most loyal customers of all. They covet their team and worship the ground the players walk upon. Yet, many football clubs aren't making much use of this other than to sell increasingly costly tickets to fans.

Through Big Data, clubs would be able to see the make-up of their fan demographic and then target advertising and promotions accordingly – thus cutting down on a lot of the scattershot approaches they already use.

It wouldn't even be tasking to attain data in huge quantities as fans are always willing to take part in competitions, surveys and point of sale initiatives – as Lateral Group's Simon Gray pointed out to Marketing Week.

Some clubs have cottoned on to Big Data's possibilities – chief among them, Arsenal. They've managed to develop a loyalty scheme that offers tailored products to fans, while capturing data to help inform the best sponsorship deals they make – hence why they capture strong sponsors.

Do you think this is a smart move by Arsenal?

Should more clubs utilise Big Data in this way, or are fans already too engaged for it to work?

Sound off with your thoughts by commenting below.


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