Kleenex Jump Into Selling Direct to Consumers In Search For Big Data

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Kleenex owners Kimberly-Clark seize opportunity for big data by jumping into the online retail space to sell directly to consumers.

Rolled out on a six month trial, Kimberly-Clark have designed their ecommerce platform to be adaptable if proven successful – meaning that they could easily add on Andrex and Huggies for direct sale.

The site offers the full range of Kleenex goods, meaning that consumers can get exactly what they want without having to go into a supermarket and hope that they have the right product.

Naturally, the undercuts the supermarket in terms of sales, but that isn't K-C's aim at all.

Instead they're capitalising upon the huge waves of data the project should give them. They'll be able to see which products are more popular with certain age groups and crowds – as well as knowing which product packaging is more appealing to consumers.

"We're seeing significant growth online through our retail partners and we're determined to win this channel, so we need to know what influences our customers' behaviour," said Kimberly-Clark's UK senior manager of ecommerce Adrian Percival. "That's the goal of this new shop."

By selling direct to the consumer, K-C also stand a chance of improving customer interaction with their brands – thus adding value beyond the initial transaction.

K-C aren't the only company to begin doing business like this, last year also saw the entry of Heinz, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg's, P&G, Unilever amongst other fast moving consumer goods enter the direct to consumer space.

Do you think this was a smart move by Kimberly-Clark?

Will the data they collect be a valuable asset, or could they still get their facts just as easily through standard retail channels?

Share your thoughts by commenting below.


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