Sony Call for More High-Street Games and Entertainment Retail

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Sony want more high-street stores like HMV to exist

High-street retail has been having a downturn lately as online stores have dominated the space. This is truer than ever with the entertainment and video games industry which have been muscled out due to high adoption rates of digital downloads and streaming services negating the use for high-street stores.

This is a trend that needs to stop says Sony, as they prepare to launch their new PlayStation 4 console – wishing to get it into everyone's hands in stores before they decide to part with their money.

Speaking to MCV, Sony said that they hoped to provide the ‘kick in the market' that the high-street has been pining for.

Their solution is for bigger brands to pick up the slack that has occurred due the shrinkage of GAME, various closures of HMV and the near collapse of Blockbuster – alongside many other electronics retailers like Dixons.

"There is more work to do to make sure the retail base is in strong enough shape to take us into the next cycle. And obviously to secure the core of sales in 2013," said Sony Computer Entertainment UK boss Fergal Gara.

"It could happen with a retailer re-entering the space or entering it for the first time. Or it could be that some of the existing players extend their store base to make sure there are enough outlets on relevant High Streets. We certainly don't want to see us become an online-only market. We value the bricks-and-mortar experience greatly.

"The market overall is not as healthy and the inevitably consequence of that is there has to be some resizing or downsizing.

"But the kick in the market that everyone is looking forward to, we hope we have laid down the foundations for that with PS4, so that we can reignite the market and stabilise retailers that are there, maybe bring some back who have left. Here's hoping we can do our bit to revitalise retail."

Naturally, it would make sense for Sony and many other device manufacturers to want to expand and fill the prominence of retail. With less stores available for them to showcase their products physically, it all hinges upon their online and digital marketing strategies to capture the attention of online shoppers.

Do you think that Sony will aid in the re-expansion of high-street retail?

Do you think that high-street retail is – essentially – dead?

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