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8 Securities - Cedric Roll

The advances in technology in this digital age has augmented the power of the consumers. Many successful cases have been put forward on how brands have succeeded in the mystical realm of social media. Nonetheless, there are many who have failed to understand the fundamentals of social media and, therefore, were too impulsive in their social media strategy.

So, what would you say is a vital element of an effective social media strategy?

As social media activities are driven by the level of engagement had between users (or customers of a brand) across various platforms and the business, the type of content seen on these social media platforms is the most basic element that brands need to have planned like a military operation.

As shared by our speaker at Big Data World Asia 2012, (user-generated) content is key to building up the right data about one's target audience – and to know where one's product/service went right or wrong.

User-generated content (UGC) is influential – according to Cedric Roll, CTO from 8 Securities. In fact, a comparison done between Millenials (the active users in the online space) and Boomers showed that 84% and 70% respectively are influenced to make purchase decisions from UGC.

That said, organisations that encourage UGC need to know how to manage it, all while be able to implement measurable metrics that can collect key customer insights, which can be put into the right marketing usage.

You can download Cedric's full presentation slides here.

Leaderboarded - Toby Beresford

In a presentation by another speaker, Toby Beresford, he shared with us a similar concept that was empahsised by Cedric earlier. Toby discusses – in great detail – just how influential social data can be. As the founder of Leaderboarded, he shared with us how the Leaderboard platform is able to simplify and generate a clearer analysis on customer insights.

You can download Toby's full presentation slides here.

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