Frozen Food and Grocers Eye Up Blockbuster’s Crumbling Empire

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Blockbuster Video Store closures mean being eyed up by grocers and frozen food

In the battle over Blockbusters, frozen food retailers seem to be the most interested parties – but not for the Blockbuster brand.

After having slipped into administration earlier this year, an event that many had seen coming – even expected – for the last year or so, grocers and frozen food specialists have been vying for a piece of Blockbusters pie.

Interestingly, this has been to help grow their convenience sector and spread the influence of their stores, rather than acquire Blockbuster's assets and generate some space within the entertainment retail business for themselves.

Frozen food specialists Gordon Brothers is eyeing up 300 of Blockbuster stores while Iceland are taking just five away from the rental specialist. Heron Foods and Frozen Value are also interested in taking five stores away from Blockbuster's chain.

Morrisons have already acquired 49 stores as they look to expand their Morrisons Local chain of convenience stores.

Unsurprisingly, other supermarket chains are also eyeing up potential expansion opportunities.

Delottie is looking to shrink Blockbuster down to a more agile franchise, focusing on a smaller core ideal of online and only a handful of brick and mortar stores. They currently plan to close 293 stores.

Do you think this is a smart move by Delottie?

Should they really try to keep Blockbuster alive?

Are supermarkets right to be expanding their convenience stores across the country?

Let us know by leaving a comment below.


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