Target aim for Canada As First Stop on International Expansion

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Target set sights on Candada as they seek to expand internationally

Target aim for Canada as they seek to expand across North America after a lacklustre Christmas trading season and a strong start to the year.

The move further north on the continent is Target's first foray into international retail, with their first store arriving in April.

Across the year, 124 stores will open – with more planned for 2014.

Ideally, Target are aiming to open 200 stores in total, in hope that they can generate sales of $6bn (£3.98bn) by 2017 – which would definitely help them reverse their misfortunes from the last year.

Target understand that they can't just roll up into the streets of Canadian towns and cities and expect to be universally accepted – they've got to provide customers with something new and desirable.

To do this, Target are teaming up with high-profile Canadian clothing brand Roots Outfitters for limited-edition collections.

It's also already accepting applications for it's Redcard loyalty system ahead of store openings, so customers can get rewards right from day one.

It'll be interesting to see exactly how the expansion goes come April, but for now it seems that Target are aiming right on target to deliver what customers want.

Do you think Target’s expansion into Canada is a little late in the day?

Will Canadian shoppers want to go there over rivals such as Walmart or Best Buy?

Let me know by commenting below.


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