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“Repeat business or behavior can be bribed. Loyalty has to be earned”. Janet Robinson, CEO, The New York Times Company

Faced with numerous loyalty programs and products shoved to their faces every day, loyalty from customers is increasingly hard to come by. You will have to work even harder to develop a successful loyalty program to earn the loyalty of customers that is so valuable to the growth of your business. After several exclusive interviews with key leaders in the loyalty industry, we have collated some great tips for your success to an effective loyalty program.

1. Communicate only when you have something relevant to say to your customer.

George Chua, Vice President for Customer Analytics from Celcom Axiata Berhad suggestion is certainly something to take note of. Too many companies are simply making noise and not actually corresponding about something noteworthy to their customers, leaving consumers simply irritated with your numerous emails or SMS alerts.

2. Personal engagement

Pawan Sarda, Chief Marketing Officer of Future Group shares with us what he means by those 2 words that can just be the key to your development of an effective loyalty program. It is about "How you engage with the customer and how you make him feel that you recognise him, his needs, wants and what he desires — make predictions on the basis of understanding the customer and surprising him once in a while."

3. Keep your promises

If you promise to deliver something to s customer, be it a product or a service, make sure you really do. One of the easiest ways to lose a customer is by going back on your word. As Wee Kee Ng, Director of Corporate Loyalty & Partner Marketing from Shangri-La International mentions, the goals and objective of your customer loyalty program should not just be a 1-2 year thing. It should be a long-term focus and to achieve lifetime loyalty from your customers, you need to keep your word.

Find out more on what other loyalty and marketing heads have to say about creating an effective loyalty programme! Participants of this eBooks are:

1. Iain Pringles | Head of Strategy | Avios

2. George Chua | Vice President, Customer Analytics | Celcom Axiata Berhad

3. Pawan Sarda | Chief Marketing Officer | Future Group

4. Jeanette Beltran | Head of Customer Lifecycle Management | Globe Telecom

5. Ravi Srinivasan | President & Chief Executive Officer | Group FiO

6. Alfie Yee | Senior Director, Marketing | Hilton Worldwide

7. Bruno Tay | Country Manager | ICLP

8. Christian Binting | Vice President, Distribution and Relationship Marketing – Asia, Middle East & Africa | IHG

9. Chris Tew | AVP, Asia Pacific | SDL

10. Wee Kee Ng | Director, Corporate Loyalty & Partner Marketing | Shangri-La International

11. Mock Pak Lum | Chief Technology Officer | Starhub

For the full list of tips that we have collated for you, download our e-book now and get ready to transform your business!

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