Customers & Marketers are not separated – It’s co-creation!

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"Twenty years ago, we re-painted the wall of one of our stores and our customers were very upset that we changed the colour of the wall. I thought that was a great lesson for us and for me. We have to recognise the our customers feel as though this store is their store." – shared by Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz.

Demand & Supply, Problems & Solutions. This is the marriage between customers and marketers. We should view customers as someone with problem, and marketers as solution providers. Everyone can have excellent product, but what makes one stand out from the rest is how this solution is created and presented.

Creation of solution:

To create a solution, one will need to know the root of the problem and the source of it. So it all makes sense to go back to the customer and involve them in the creation process. This will help formulate a solution better than the rest. The User Experience – no one knows what they want better than the customers themselves. It may be a hassle now, and later, you will reap the benefits. People want what's for them. They have needs to fulfill; functional, symbolic and experiential needs. Marketers have to figure out the gap between the ideal state and the actual state so as to recognize any opportunities or needs. Thus, actively involve your customers in the creation process, and establish a relationship with them. It will help build up the customer's lifetime value as well.

Presentation of solution:

When you have the solution, it's time to present it the right way. Attribute or benefit? Which one do you focus on? To answer these questions, you will have to ask yourself: "What do my customers know?". They may have knowledge to certain things, but their information may not be complete. We need to know the level and content of awareness. So if your customers are find it hard to understand the attribute information, or do not know its implications, it is advisable to emphasize benefits. Always present in a way that your customers can relate and understand.

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