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Samsung Case Study: How to identify the influencers and use them to your brand’s advantage

samsung party!

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending Samsung's Smart TV launch party at the Museum of American Finance. I was joined by the most fabulous of company, namely Kate Upton, Eli Manning and, of course, Flo Rida. I was invited on behalf of the Klout Perks program, which offers "well-respected influencers" freebies ranging from free magazine subscriptions to complimentary hotel stays on behalf of brands that utilize the service. Klout uses a complicated algorithm (including over 400 variables) to measure social media influence and ultimately rate a user on a scale from 1 to 100. Top influencers include President Barack Obama, Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga… and I, a medium-level influencer, was able to party like a celeb with Samsung.

I arrived (sadly, not via the red carpet) and as I played with the Smart TVs on site, I began to realize exactly why we had been invited to this event. Not only was the party population in the age range of young adult to young adult, we were all incredibly active members of the social media world. Samsung aptly utilized Klout for Business to make sure all the wonderful things that were happening inside the party were quickly tweeted, Instagrammed, FourSquared, Vined and Facebooked out into the wider world. As you can see from the photo, you would be hard pressed to find an audience member without their smartphone in their hands at all times.

phones at samsung

This reminded me of Dr. Tong Sun's presentation at Big Data World Canada earlier this month. She is the Principal Scientist and Research Competence Manager at Xerox and she leads internal research projects on large-scale social network analysis and applying them to marketing strategies. In her presentation, she discussed how brands need to identify who the key influencers are in a given community and target them with their marketing techniques. By bringing sociology and psychology into the mix, Tong explained how active members of social media can easily influence their connections, whether they are friends, colleagues or random. That concept in itself is part of Klout for Business' business model.

Last night, I was in the position to be an influencer for Samsung. They had "purchased" my "social media services" for the evening with a free party with Eli and Kate and an additional Flo Rida concert. Did I mention the wine and yummy hors d’Å“uvre? In turn, I did in fact tweet, Instagram, FourSquare, Vine and Facebook for several hours. I think it was a fair trade, don't you agree?

And now for fun, check out my video of Kate Upton dancing on stage with Flo Rida during his performance of "Low"!

Oh and this happened. . .

Flo Rida and rano girl

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  1. Sam says:

    Thanks for the report! I’m very interested in influencer marketing strategies and it’s nice to see how Samsung is doing it.

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