Snowy Easter Ruins Seasonal Retail Plans As They Prep for a Sales Freeze

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Snow ruins seasonal retailers chances at Easter

The snowy weather set for the Easter weekend in the UK has ruined the plans of seasonal retailers who utilise the long weekend's potential for home improvements.

This March has been as snowy and foul as that of last year, which saw many garden, DIY and home improvement retailers suffer slow sales. As news sets in that this long weekend will be an especially snowy Easter, they are – once again – preparing themselves for a "slow start" to the year.

Typically capitalising upon March and April's traditionally warmer and sunnier start to Spring, this year retailers will have to endure similar sales conditions to that of last year.

Speaking to Retail Week, Kingfisher Group CE Ian Cheshire said that their DIY outlet B&Q expects to "see a slow start" to the year. Adding that "we need [the weather] to shift" before stating that Easter weekend sales are usually double that of your standard weekend.

Homebase MD Paul Loft also chimed in with similar sentiments, saying Easter "will be poor" with gardening sales being "way down" on expectations.

All is not lost though as many retailers believe that this could mean many indoor DIY projects are undertaken instead of gardening ones. They're also holding out for a warmer and sunnier April to turn their fortunes around.

It may not be the best idea to hold onto though as last years April was the wettest one for the last 100 years.

Do you think that the wintery weather for Easter will damage sales significantly?

Is it time for DIY and home improvement specialists to find new avenues to secure non-seasonal sales?

Let me know by leaving a comment below.


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